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Get a list of 10 targeted prospects. Among other information, you will get their name, job title, experience, company, location etc.

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Why you should use BIZBACE

When you want to find prospective clients, you generally have two options to find a list to send to. You can either buy a large database for a high cost or you can scourge the internet looking for people in your target market.

Larger databases are very expensive and most of the time, they are not targeted at all. This means that you will end up sending your sales email to people who are not even in your target market.

What's more, on average, a large contact list is not checked for validity and ends up with lots and lots of contacts that are no longer relevant.
You could choose to go search for prospective clients by yourself. You could search the internet for contacts and try and figure out who fits your target market.

It's a better method, but let's be honest here: you don't want to waste time searching the web for what could maybe eventually be clients, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

Hold up, 10$? How do you guys do this?

We've been in business for a while now and quite recently we figured out a way to find highly targeted prospects fast and without using pre-made lists. Thanks to our highly optimized processes, we can drastically lower the cost of research, which directly translates into a better price for you, the end-user.

Can I place more than one order?

Of course! If you are placing an order for the same business, it is better to email us at so we can make sure we don't give you duplicates. If you would like a very large order, it is better to email us as well.
How long will it take to get my list?

Depending on the current amount of requests, it can take a couple of days, however, we commit ourselves to getting your list no later than 3 days after your order! Remember that we are working with actual human beings, so your order might take a bit of time.

What if I received incorrect information?

Sometimes, the information we found is no longer correct. In the unlikely event of this happening, send us a mail at and we will replace the faulty prospect with a brand new one, free of charge!

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